Guidelines for Submissions to the Job Bank

The AFP Tampa Bay Chapter is pleased to post employment opportunities that may be of interest to our members. Chapter members may post job listings at no cost; non-members may post listings for a fee of $50.00 per month. Position descriptions must be submitted in the approved format and will be posted for one month only, unless renewed. We do not accept blind ads. If you have any questions, please contact our Job Bank Director, Ian David.

Free Job Postings for Members
There is no charge to post a job for your own organization, if you are a current member of the AFP Tampa Bay Chapter. If you are submitting a free posting, include your AFP membership number with your job submission. The AFP member must submit the job directly to qualify for the free listing.

Paid Job Postings
All other job postings are billed a fee of $50.00 per month. When your posting is accepted, you will receive an invoice, which should be paid promptly.

In order to submit an employment opportunity to the Job Bank for listing on this website, you must comply with all of these provisions:

  • Review the format of our job postings and submit yours in the same format.
  • The posting must contain the position title, the name of the organization and its location. We do NOT accept blind ads. You must identify the employer in the ad.
  • The free job posting is available only when the ad is submitted directly by the AFP Tampa Bay member. Others in the organization may not use that person's membership for a free posting.
  • Provide the name and title of the contact person and clear instructions for applying for the position within the body of the ad.
  • Total posting may not exceed 50 words. Submissions longer than 50 words will be returned.
  • Your job posting will run for 30 days. We will then drop the job posting if it has not been renewed. You may renew for another 30 days by sending us a renewal request.
  • Please let us know when the position has been filled, so we can delete the posting.
  • Submissions must be for professional positions related to fundraising or nonprofit management. We do not accept postings for clerical positions.
  • The form must be filled out for all Job Bank Form. We do not accept submissions by email, fax, phone, or mail. If you exceed 50 words or fail to follow these guidelines, your listing will not be accepted.
  • We can generally get jobs posted within one week of submission, although that is not guaranteed. Job listings are ordinarily posted each Monday.
The AFP Tampa Bay Chapter provides the Job Bank as a service to our members and reserves the right to decide which positions will be posted on its website. The Chapter is under no obligation to post any submissions it feels are unsuitable or which do not meet the requirements listed above.

Submit an Opportunity
Submit your 50 word (or fewer) post filling out the Job Bank Form.

Contact Ian David, Job Bank Coordinator.
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